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Do you want to help us grow the farm?

We are doing some pretty great things here at Crane Crest Farm. Not only are we providing healthy, delicious meats and eggs to our local communities in central Wisconsin, we are also promoting a healthy environment.


Our farming practices:

  • build soil organic matter

  • sequester atmospheric carbon

  • provide habitat for pollinators

  • support clean local watershed

  • prevent erosion and loss of topsoil

  • create habitat for wildlife

  • support animal health

If you cannot support us through eating the food we produce but you still want to contribute to our efforts, you can donate using the button below. Farms can be very capital-intensive to start, and your contributions help us move forward into a better food system for the health of the people, the animals, and the environment. 


Donating to our farm is not tax-deductible due to our farm being a business. Your donations will still help us help the environment through the expansion of our farming practices listed above. Thanks for your consideration. 

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