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  • Pasture-raised
  • Soy free
  • Fed certified-organic feed

 More about our pork:


Our pigs are raised in rotating paddocks in our woods. We put them in the woods because pigs are naturally inclined to live in the woods, with an overstory of trees to allow them some, but not too much, sun. We feed them a daily ration of soy-free organic grain. The pigs root around, make wallows, and express their natural "pigness." This rooting and foraging allows our pigs to obtain a spectrum of nutrients that most pork will never approach. This broad nutrient profile gives a the pork an incredible taste that you can't get from the gorcery store. You want healthy, succulent, pasture-raised bacon? Pork chops? Brats? We raise that for our own family and for yours.

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