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Introducing our new Egg CSA program

We're happy to introduce the Crane Crest Farm Egg CSA! Our hens have kicked production into high gear, so we are now able to provide a weekly egg supply for our customers that want the best nutrition you can buy.

Benefits of Enrolling

  • Healthiest eggs around at the lowest price we’ve seen

  • You determine when you get eggs and how many

  • Don’t have to worry about cash or checks every time you want eggs

  • Flexible and easy pick-up/drop-off

We are now accepting enrollment in our egg CSA. CSA simply stands for “community supported agriculture.” CSAs come in a lot of different forms, but, generally speaking, they provide a way for the consumer (that’s you!) to get the freshest and healthiest farm products available while supporting the farmer with a commitment to buy product and helping to offset feed and other input costs up front. Basically, it’s a win-win!

So How Does it Work?

Our egg CSA will be run on a punch-card system, meaning that you get to determine when you get eggs and how many you get at a time. Your fridge won't be overrun with too many eggs, nor will you need to run out and buy store eggs between CSA orders. You can get the eggs you need when your family needs them.

When you join the CSA you will pay $50.00 up front, which is typically the cost of 10 dozen eggs. As a reward for joining the CSA, you will receive two dozen free eggs. The two free dozen push the price down to approximately $4.17 per dozen. That's the best price we've seen for soy-free, organic-fed, pastured chicken eggs! Your punch card will never “expire,” and you can renew your membership as soon as you receive your 12 dozen eggs.

Getting the Eggs

Eggs can be picked up on farm or at flexible weekly drop-offs in Ripon, Oshkosh, or Madison. If you’ve been thinking about trying some of our farm products or are curious about how farm fresh eggs taste, this is a great introduction to our farm and family.

Sign Up

CSA enrollment is available on a first come, first serve basis, so enroll soon! It only takes a minute with this super simple form: Crane Crest Farm - Egg CSA

We’re happy to talk to you if you have any questions about how the CSA works or how to get started. Just jump on over to our contact page. Thanks!

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