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Grass Fed Beef + Recipe Ideas? Yes, Please!!!

As a special thank you to anyone who purchases a quarter beef from us (for $3.99/lb hanging weight - to order yours, click here), we will be giving you a book called Cooking Grass Fed Beef: Healthy Recipes from Nose to Tail. In this book there are instructions, techniques, helpful tips, and lots of RECIPES!!! Author Shannon Hayes guides you through using each cut (from nose to tail) and cooking it just right. So not only do you get 100% grass fed beef for your family, you also get some much appreciated help in coming up with ways to cook it for your family. Things get pretty busy in our house, and I'm sure your house is much the same. It's hard to come up with meal ideas most weeks, and we tend to get into a rut at times, cooking the same things over and over. Well, we thought you'd appreciate some new ideas, along with cooking tips and methods specific to grass-fed beef. Your family will love the delicious recipes, and you won't have to rack your brain for what to cook!

If you haven't ordered yet but you want to get a quarter beef this May, click here to order. There is a $200 deposit up front, and the rest of the money will be due when you get the meat. Our best guess is that hanging weights will be around 150 lbs. per quarter. Our quarters are $3.99/lb hanging weight, and each customer will give their own cutting directions and pay their portion of the processing fee to Beck's in Oshkosh. Terry Beck is very easy to work with and can help you through the available cuts you'll select from.

As I wrote elsewhere last week, the beef we are offering this spring is not from our farm. We are buying several two-year old steers from a 100% grass fed, certified organic farm. I spent some time at the farm and was impressed with the animals and the setup of the farm and pastures. Our standards at Crane Crest Farm are very important to us, and these grass fed organic steers meet those high standards. In addition to the two-year-old steers we're selling for beef this spring, we are getting two yearlings to raise on our own pastures and bring to market this coming fall. The steers are a cross between Red Devon and Jersey, which is going to make for some truly delicious meat. If you have any questions, contact me and I will be more than happy to answer them.

I really think you'll love the beef, and I hope the book helps make it easy and enjoyable to feed that grass fed beef to your family. Happy cooking, everyone!

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